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Marina's Used Hair comes with 2 Halo Extensions

Sorry, this item is out of stock

I wear the same hair in all my photos.  I wear 1-3 Halo extensions in addition to this hair.   You can check out my other photos to see more pics of this hair.   

The Retail Price on this hair is $430.   Many website use the authentic photos of this hair and ship an inferior product.

This is Shilo from Noriko. 

I only wear my hair a handful of time, before I start with a new one.

This is my used hair, not washed or steamed.   You can add up "Washed and Steamed" from the drop down.

Some people want it used for sexy reasons.

If you don't I would highly recommend adding the washed and steamed for $35.

It will arrive clean and smelling wonderfully.

All the curled hairs will be straightened and and or trimmed.

It will arrive in very close to brand new condition.

I include 2 of my halo extensions for you to try out.   They will not be brushed out unless you choose the washed and steamed option.   You will have to brush them out yourself.

Finding hair is the hardest thing to do.  Then to mold it and shape it and tame it, is even more difficult.   This is all done for you.