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Boobs, Silicone, BCup, Tan #31

Sorry, this item is out of stock

The # at the end is for me.  Its an inventory number so I can pick your picks.

All boobs are final sale.  Inspect your boobs on the day you get them.  They have all been examined.  Nobody is going to receive a torn pair of boobs.   I suggest you wash your boobs in soap and water and let them air dry.   They attract lint and dust and dirt from my hands.   They may appear dirty, just wash them.    Dawn liquid soap.  Hot water.  Air dry, inside and out.

In the title will say Silicone or Cotton, that is the boob fill.

If the title says Silicone-W, it means the silicone has gotten watery.  It really doesn't mean anything.  Every pair is going to do this eventually and I'm certain that Ebay or Amazon ships watery sets all the time with no discount and no mention.   Every single set I wore had watery silicone inside.   It happens to all of them.   I have to shake them next to my ear to figure it out.  Its not easy to tell.  Its really not an issue for wearing them.

The Cup Size will be stated in the title.

The color will be mentioned as Pale, Light, Tan.   1, 2, and 3.

Most people will be #2, if you get really tane and wear dark makeup, try 3. 

I always wore #3, but I go dark with my makeup.  

Your chest does not match your face in real life and its not going to match perfectly with fake boobs.   Don't obsess over it.  If you cover the neck, it will break it up and it simply doesn't matter.   

Velcro Straps means the straps criss cross on your back and attach to velcro attached to the back of the boobs.   They don't attach like a bib.  This is a big misconception.   A bib would provide no support.  Think of it like a bra.   These are very expensive.  They cost much more than the regular sets.   I ordered them because people asked me for them, and I never got around to putting them on the website.

One or two sets have mold between the boobs.   You can reduce it with soap but you can't get the stain completely out.   This will happen if you put them away without a paper towel in between the boobs.  I have done this many times and so have customers.  Don't be lazy.   But something between the boobs to prevent mold from growing.   

After the sale that is it.   I love all you guys so much, but I can't sell a set of boobs and then be a counselor for those boobs for life.  I have people that are emailing me about boobs they bought 5 years ago.   There are all kinds of videos on line about every situation.   

If you get a small tear, then you cut it out with a scissors.

If you get a hole you repair it with silicone glue, you can get it on Amazon.

This one is hard, but remember I love you.  If you sweat too much, you need to lose weight.   That is why you are sweating so much.   Use it as motivation to get healthy.  Everyone is beautiful and I have struggled with weight too, so I understand, but the sweating is function of your health.   I never once had an issue with sweating in the boobs, even in the summer.

You have to cover the neck edge and the shoulder edge.

If you wear your boobs without doing this, you look really silly.

Boobs are fun, but put in the effort.   Create the illusion.  Have pride.

I hope this answers all your questions about boobs and the sale of my boobs.

This is all the inventory I have left.  I will not be buying any new boobs in the future.  I have closed my account with the factory.