Quick, Cheap, Easy Makeup


Link to the brush set for this tutorial.  Its about $17

Click Here

1. After you have showered you have to really exfoliate your skin.   I apply a bunch of lotion on my face and then I use a cheap washcloth and I scrub my face.   Especially in areas that you get dry.    Really scrub, your face should be red after you do it.   It should remove any dry skin.   Now apply the lotion again and let it soak in.

2. I start with my eyebrows.   My advice is never cover your eyebrows.   Use your natural brows.   Tweeze them to create a straight curve at the bottom.  Nobody should have unruly eyebrows like Donald Sutherland.   

I take a powder from my contour palette (B) and Brush 5 and i rub that color into my eyebrow so it covers your skin under your eyebrow.  I see a lot of people where that skin doesn't match their forehead.   Now take brush 1 and brush away the excess.

Now take Brush #15 and brush your eyebrows in the right direction.

Use an eyebrow gel to simply brush your eyebrow hairs in the same direction (away from your nose) 

Eyebrow Gel $3.99 Click Here

Your eyebrows now look better than they ever have before and it took you 2 minutes.

3. Your waterline is the edge of your eyelid.   You really want to cover that. This is your color palette for $9.99 Click Here  Take brush #10 and get some black from your color palette.  Now knock the end of the brush against the sink and watch the excess fall off.   Always do that with black.  Always.  Now rub that color onto the waterline and use your finger to fold it up or back.   Make sure its all colored in.   Its ok if its sloppy. 

You need Makeup Wipes twin pack is $12 Click here 

3b.  This is where I also do my mascara. Click Here $10

Take a makeup wipe and wipe away any excess.   Clean as you go.

4. Take your face primer Click Here $12.50: A face primer creates this padding for your makeup.  Thick of it like a pad for a carpet.   Its really necessary.   Take the tiniest amount and rub it onto your eyelid.   The smallest amount, it should just all rub in.   Let it dry for about 30 seconds.  If its wet, you have too much.   

5. Now are are going to do a very easy 3 part eyeshadow with 1 brush.

Take brush #5

5a Go to the color palette and select color X.  Use brush 5 to apply that all under your eyebrow take up about 1/3 of the space.

Now wipe the brush off on a towel.   

Use color Y and fill in the next 1/3 .  Apply the color right against Color X.

Now wipe off the brush.

Now use your black and fill in the bottom 1/3 right up to your waterline on your upper lid.

Now you have 3 colors unblended.

Take brush #6

Hold the very end of the brush.  DO NOT hold it like a pencil.  You want it very loose in your hand.   Now start brushing the top two colors where they meet.  Do not get any black on the brush.  Just gently swipe back and worth.   Very gently.   This is blending.   You just keep doing it, back and forth, you can do small circles.  Blend those 2 colors together where they meet and blend out the edges.  It should start to look cool.

Then take the same brush and do the same thing where the color Y and black meet.   The black can really dominate so don't go up too high.  Just stay on the line where they meet and go very light.   If you feel like its picking up too much black, rub it on a paper towel.

Just keep blending.  If you think you are done blending do it for another minute.

6. Now take your primer link here and cover the rest of your face, forehead and neck.   Enough to cover, it should not be wet.

Let it dry.

7. This is the full coverage foundation part

This is the cheapest FULL coverage foundation I could find.  It has to be FULL COVERAGE.  It can't be Pro coverage, or anything else.  If its not full coverage, its not going to cover your face properly.

Click Here its $10.00 per color.

You really need 3 colors

a. Light  I would use #112 

b. medium I would use #310

c dark I would use #340

take the medium shade and simply cover your entire face, except for under your eyes.   I use my fingers because I can feel exactly how much product i have.   I loose control when I use a brush and I apply too much.   apply a little at a time.

now take (a) your light and put that under your eyes, use very little product

Tip:  The thicker the skin, the more makeup you can use.   The skin under your eyes is paper thin.  very little makeup.   

now take 7c and apply it in your contour areas.(see photo)

8. Beauty Blender Click Here 10 for $10

Do not touch the area under your eye.

Now you just lightly dab all the areas with one of the beauty blenders.   You will learn how to do it, but your simply using the sponge to dab your face.  By dabbing one dab at a time, you can never make a huge mistake.  If you get too much color on the sponge, just wipe it off.

Dab all the edges where the makeup meet.   Pound that makeup into your face.   There should be no harsh edges or lines.   It all starts to melt together.

Now take a clean side of the sponge and dab at your cheekbone.  You want it to pick up very little color.   Then quickly move up and lightly dab over the area under your eye.  It should not transfer too much color.  it should make a smooth transition from your cheekbone to your eye, but still remain bright under your eye.

9. This is called your setting powder click here $6 for 2 oz.  That is very cheap.  

10. Use Brush #10.  Dip it into the powder and like you did with the black, you want to tap off the excess. 

Do not put any powder under your eyes.

 Start applying this to your entire face and neck.   You want your entire face to get powder.   

Do take your sponge and pound that powder into your face especially in any areas that you get oily.   Also all around your mouth.   Pound in that powder. 

Let it sit for a few minutes.

11. Take brush #1.  Make sure its clean.   Wipe it off on a paper towel.

Brush your entire face.   Keep brushing, you want to remove all that loose powder.  When you are done tap all the excess off your brush and brush under your eyes.  That is all the setting that makeup needs, this will prevent excess wrinkles, cracking or cakey look.

12. take Brush #13 and get color from your contour palette (color A.)  Lightly brush your cheek bones, your jaw line and your hair line.   Start with very little color.  Test it out, just lightly brush, build the color.   You can't take it away so start light and go darker.

13. Lets make your nose very easy.

13a. take Brush 4.  dip it into color B on your contour palette.   Just lightly brush down the sides of your nose.  So light that you can't see it at first.  Then build up.   It should just be a little darker than it was before.  In the photo mine is not blended well at the bottom.   Now wipe off any excess.  Brush/blend the edges on that line.   Really blend it out.   There should not be any harsh line.

13b. take your finger and dip it into color C on the contour palette and run it down the bridge of your nose.   

14. Lips

14a Draw your lips with a pencil.   You need a lip liner pencil this one is dark red click here $8 and you have to have a sharpener click here $4

Just outline your real lips.  Then go 1 line outside your own lips, just not in the corners.  Use your real corner.  Don't make any crazy big lips.  Its too hard and it will ruin your makeup and you will have to start over. Just outline your real lips.  Anyone can do that.

14b Use a matte finish liquid lip color Click here $10

Apply the color to your lips. Use Brush #9 to fill in the lips completely against the lip liner, but never go over it.  Fill in completely.   Let it dry.   Now take your finger and apply some of the setting powder to your lips over the top.  Just to make them completely dry.  You should be able to run your finger over your lips without getting any color on your finger.

14c Now dip your finger into the contour pallet and take color C .  Make your bottom lip pouty and rub it along the front of the bottom lip.  Smooth the edges with your finger.

  15. You will get powder on your eyebrows so go back in with your eyebrow gel and freshen them up.

16. Now take brush #1 again and make sure its clean.   Wipe it off on a towel until there is no more color.

Lightly brush all the areas where you have color overlap.   Forehead, cheekbones, jawline.   You really can't over blend at the end.  

17.  Now spray your face with a generous amount of setting spray click here, small bottle $4

Wait for that to dry and that really melts everything together.   

It takes practice.   Keep working at it.