Alexia St James

If you don't know who Alexia St James is, then you have never been to Xhamster.  She is the #1 Trans Channel on Xhamster for a solo performer at #19 overall.  The only channels ahead of her are big studios.   She bests all other trans performers.   She has been cranking out a real amateur sex video once a month for about 10 years.  She was one of the largest catalogs of any trans performer in the business.  She does all her stuff herself.  She has never done a video with a pro company, because she doesn't need to.

Alexia Review


"I contacted Marina and she suggested a pair in Color 3 for me, they were a large D or a Smaller E. They size is great. The color is a little darker than I am right now, but should be perfect when I am tan. I am looking forward to taking new pics and videos with my new boobs. I received them in a plain box in 2 days. Check out my website for the new videos. (this promotion was approved) Alexia St James"

Alexia St James